If you are prescribed IP address is then, you should refrain from proceeding further, and you should reach out to a professional to discuss the problems with your IP address. Because it is actually false. Instead, you should use the IP address to access the internet.

Entering the IP Address of

If you are considering navigating the wireless router's control panel, you should type into the address bar of the browser instead of Then, you will be required to enter your username and password in the submission field to proceed further.

IP Address Admin Panel Login


If you are more likely to accept as your IP address, you will not be able to access the internet, as it is unauthorized by a number of internet connection. A number of routers accept and authorize the IP address as its to allow its users to proceed further to access the internet. Once you have connected your device to your router, you can authorize the admin panel, and calibrate its settings according to your preferences.

The IP address allows you to experiment with a number of options, which includes LAN, MAC, WPS, Qos, WLAN, and LAN settings. While a number of default options are available to most users; they are more likely to make certain adjustments to meet their needs.

If You Forget Your Username or Password

If you have not calibrated the settings of your router for a while now, it might result in you forgetting your password and username. In order to recover the situation, you should be familiar with the tips and tricks to "recover your router password" or "default list of router username and passwords". Alternatively, you can reset the factory settings of your router to restore the default settings of your router to proceed further.

Router Username and Password List