Recover Router User and Password

It's easy to forget your router's username and password. It happens to almost everybody at some point. If you've forgotten or lost yours, don't panic. There are several steps you can take to solve the problem.

Try the Default Username and Password

This is the best step to try first as its both the easiest and simplest solution. Check your router itself for a label displaying its default username and password. The writing may be small so be sure to look carefully. If you can't find the label, the default login may be printed in the instruction manual.

Default Username and Password for all Routers

We offer a comprehensive list of all default router usernames and passwords, check it out here. The most common credentials tend to be "user" or "admin" for the username and "password" or "admin" for the password.

Select your modem from the following options:

Perform a Factory Reset

This is a great solution if you don't know your router's default username and password. Be aware, however, that this will reset all the router's settings, not just the username and password. A router's reset button can be hard to find because they're so small. Once you've located it, use a narrow object such a pin to hold the button down for approximately fifteen seconds. Once the reset is complete, you'll be able to login using the default settings.

router recover password factory reset

Port Forwarding Without a Password

It's possible to forward ports without a password by utilising UPnP (Universal Plug and Play). If your router is UPnP compatible, it will permit applications to forward ports. This should happen automatically. If you'd like to choose which ports to forward, PortMapper is a recommended application.