Find Router IP Address

The most important thing to know about your router is its IP address. Once you know what it is, you can configure your router. The IP address of a home network begins with the numbers 192.168. The whole IP address is a series of four numbers which are separated by periods. Common IP addresses are and You can check your default router IP address here. The method to find your router's IP address will vary depending on which device or operating system you use. Follow the steps for the most popular ones:


Click on the start menu then access the search bar and type "cmd". You'll see a black window pop up. If you type "ipconfig", it will display lots of information about your router, including its default gateway address.


On Linux, you need to access: Applications > System Tools > Terminal. Next, type "ipconfig" and beside the words "inet addr" will be the IP of your router.


On a Mac, you'll first need to access the Apple menu and the top of the screen. From there, navigate to: System Preferences > Network > [Your Network Name] > Advanced > TCP/IP. The IP address will be listed to the right of the router.


Wi-Fi Analyzer is a very useful app (third-party) that can help with Android-enabled devices. First install the app then navigate as follows: View > AP list > [Your Network Name]. You'll see a window listing informationa bout your network including the IP address of your router.

iPhone iOS

These steps work for iOS8 and iOS9. Navigate as follows: Settings > WiFi > [You Network Name] > DHCP. Your router's IP will be displayed there.

Chrome OS

On the taskbar, click the notification area. Next, click on 'Connected to [Network Name]' on the list which appears. Click on the name of your wireless network and then on the 'Network' tab to display the results including your router's IP address.

Default Router Password List

Check any router's username and password from the list below: